The Supernatural Series




Also included in the series:

  • Permanent access to The Supernatural Series private Facebook group for support and community with others in the program.

  • Recipes, further readings, nutritional & herbal references, and additional tips following each session.

Begin being ready to improve your health. Finish feeling empowered and educated to make more mindful decisions that bring you closer to your personal health goals.

Cost: $195 (Limited openings and Series’ sell out quickly!)

*Dates: November 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th @ 7pm EST.

*Session lectures will be released weekly as videos, via email, and can be watched immediately or at a time convenient for you. Attendees will have access to all videos for one additional month after the series ends, as well as permanent access to the private community group for ongoing support & conversation.

See full details about each weekly module here.


Wellness Session Reviews

Join Herbalist & Holistic Health Practitioner Rachelle Robinett for The Supernatural Series:

The Supernatural Series is a multi-week program online designed to give you a thorough understanding of how – and the foundational tools to make meaningful, lasting changes to your overall health. Sessions are released via video so you can attend from anywhere.

The Series is based on Rachelle’s years of deep and nuanced experience leading people to better overall health that lasts, a deeper familiarity of herbs, and empowered knowledge of how habits can be reclaimed.

The Supernatural Series is a course designed to reset and refresh your health, and guide you toward more balanced wellness. Learn tools you can use for the rest of your life.

  • Video modules can be watched from anywhere in the world.

  • Private community group provides support, inspiration, and the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences as well.

  • The Series is open to all levels of curiosity and experience, and recommended for anyone looking to learn more about nutrition, herbs, and holistic health.

I came to Rachelle with lots of tummy troubles, a recent and stubborn weight gain, and a cautious optimism that she would be able to help. Help she has, and far beyond what I expected. She is a font of knowledge regarding food, herbs, the gut, you name it, and she delivers it all with compassion, no dogma, and a slow and gentle approach that makes it all doable rather than intimidating or overwhelming. In fact, it is inspiring to meet with her.
I cannot recommend her enough for anyone who wants to take better care of themselves and learn a few things about plants in the process.
— C., NYC
Food has been my nemesis for decades and I feel like I may be finding some real peace with it thanks to your guidance. I’m so grateful!
Feeling so much better and also my sleep is way more deep!
— S., NYC.
Working with Rachelle has been super inspiring. Every meeting, I am encouraged and impressed with Rachelle’s breadth of knowledge, attention to detail, and interest in helping me make positive changes for my life and health. During my time with Rachelle, I suffered from monkey mind and obsessive thinking. After trying an herb she suggested, I felt the obsessive thinking dissipate. I couldn’t wait to tell her!
Rachelle gave me hope that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possible. She takes an individualized approach, which I appreciate, as no person is the same. She is flexible and accommodating.
— A., N.C.
Honestly, I am telling everyone I love that they need to get some Rachelle in their lives! I mean it when I say things are dramatically better for me and on many levels, too.
Rachelle is by far the best nutritionist/health coach Iʼve had. She has the kindest soul besides having so much knowledge and wisdom in the arena of wellness. Iʼve had 3 nutritionist/health coaches in the past, and I ended up being really stressed and continued the cycle of obsessive dieting because they were too strict and goals oriented. For Rachelle, she focuses on making lifestyle changes which are sustainable. I did not get overwhelmed at all. After working with Rachelle for a couple months, Iʼve ditched the scale and my binge eating is under control. I enjoyed working out and learned to listen to my body. I stop shaming myself if I have a little too much pecan pie or ice cream. I finally have a good relationship with food. I always look forward to our session because Rachelle listens and caters to my needs. She will definitely be my health coach in the long term.
— V.
All of my friends and coworkers are saying things. That they’ve never seen me like this before. That I seem like a different person. Even my best friend - she’s says I seem so happy.
— J., NYC
Not sure if it’s placebo or your tea... But it seems like I’ve adopted the nervous system of a koala in the last two days... Thanks ;)
— P., New York
I’ve never felt stronger throughout a long race than this year’s Boston Marathon. Despite injury in the weeks leading up. Despite the weather situation today. This is a shout-out to the beautiful @rachellerobinett for her guidance in plant-based nutrition and overall wellness in life, and in endurance sports, and in those things merging seamlessly.
— D., C.A.
I started working with Rachelle just before winter and I’m proud to say that I was not sick even once over winter and spring period. The advices she provided allowed me to reinforce the immune system, better master my emotions, normalize my cycle, and generally look and feel better. When I went home after having not seen my family for several months, they all noticed how radiant I looked. Rachelle was very attentive to my needs and also encouraged me to listen to my own intuition. Her magic herbs at the Supernatural were all extremely helpful and I will continue taking them going forward.
— M. in New York
Rachelle over-delivers in every way. Upon completing 8 weeks of coaching and guidance, I’m left with years’ worth of wisdom and tools. From copious delicious recipes to useful reading to natural remedies to talks on philosophy and emotional intelligence, she offers a curated experience that has left me with my own unique and personalized playbook for cooking, living, and looking forward.
— Daniel Ryan,
“I’ve never felt this great. No stomach aches, no bloating, no pain, no constipation. I had my period last week and was totally fine, even though it’s usually the most uncomfortable/self-conscious week ever. I’ve lost 5 pounds and feel like I’m closer to getting the type of lean muscle definition I’ve been working toward for a year and a half.”
— N., New York
Rachelle, I’m so grateful for the relationship we’ve built this year. You’ve transformed my entire approach to food and given me a whole new understanding of what it means to be alive and vibrant from the inside out. Of course I say/deliver this compliment to you as a coach, but it applies to your humanity as well … you’re the best in the biz.
— A., New York