Can You Think Without Language?


Just finally, I'm getting the opportunity to dive back into my notes from the Ecuador retreat. As promised, there is a very forward variety of subjects for us to explore.

One at a time, and piece by piece. Aperitif #1:

Consider the concept that we don’t have the communication construct (language) to understand or explain the full expanse of life, humanity, nature, spirituality.

This is a topic I first dived into with Daniel Ryan, the hypnotherapist with which I first did Past Life Regression (twice in a row, for six hours total in two days). Our conversation only started here and eventually I’ll get to both sharing more of what we discussed, and an interview with him (yeah plus a review of the Past Life experience – aye), but to begin, the gist:

We think in our native language. We have only our learned language(s) with which to comprehend everything that we experience. Think, sense, dream, imagine. How extremely limiting.

Consider your intuition. Consider the effect of music, scent, deja-vu. Consider “coincidences”, “love”, want. Consider, consciousness. Sensation, withdrawal, attraction, awareness.

Consider what others know that you don't simply because the noun doesn't exist in your dialect. Consider chants. Plants. The communication between trees or bees or bats.