Weird Drink Wednesday


As much as I hate the title of this series - like sometimes it comes to mind when I'm trying to fall asleep - I keep drinking weird drinks faster than I can come up with a new name for the habit.This week's edition: Anti-cold season shot (lemon, ginger, cayenne), IMG_3817.JPGwheatgrass (not pictured), and Grape Kombucha from Brooklyn Kombucha. IMG_3818-1.JPG The anti- shot has been a regular this winter. + garlic if you can stomach it. At the first sign of a potential cold in December, I drank about 12oz of this stuff. Little painful but the burn is intentional and very effective.

Kombucha is just for fun. And probiotics. Plus I'd never tried the Brooklyn brew on tap at WF.


Hawaii Eats: Island Food Finds

First I'll say that I didn't eat much.  Chalk it up to a ton of sleep (?), the warm weather (?) or deep relaxation (?) (I'm actually still investigating if any of these really affect metabolism or hunger) but I ate a single, light meal a day, only - every day for 10 there. No idea why, but that's what the body wanted. I worked out a ton - ran, rode, swam, practiced long yoga sessions - didn't matter; wasn't hungry and felt perfect. Most of what we did eat was from the property: starfruit and oranges, bananas, papaya, guava, avocado and coconut. The couple of times I saw town, I was reminded of my penchant for vinegar. Just about everything I bought was some version of (intentionally) fermented.

(Pardon the unsightly labels - it was an 8-mile round trip to town. I'd run there and then backpack home.)

Puna Pahoa Island Naturals Shopping Trip Local Kava, Kombucha and herbs.




La Hiki Jun Peppermint, chamomile, gotu kola, mugwort, damiana, rosemary, rose petals, aloha


Red Cabbage and Beet kraut


Purple Sweetpotato

Sun made nettle tea

pahoa puna hawaii rainbow juice

Mangosteen natural Hawaii fruit superfruit