How to Rebalance Your Hormones - Chalkboard Mag


This is a great, quick reference for how to rebalance your hormones. The how-tos will give you a good idea of what affects our hormones which is not, I imagine, what you'd expect. (Food, naturally, but not simply non-organic meat and dairy though of course that's on the list.) Via Chalkboard Mag, who recently did a short series with Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Reset Diet. (Note: Her info for CBM is very female-focused. Hormone balance is, of course, gender neutral.)

  • ESTROGEN: Go meatless: Reset your estrogen by excluding red meat and alcohol from your diet. (Note that this reset is essential for everyone, whether you’re a meat eater or not.)
  • INSULIN: Go sugar free: Banish your cravings for sugar and reset your insulin.
  • LEPTIN: Go fruitless: Reset your hunger hormone, leptin.
  • CORTISOL: Go caffeine free: Reset your relationship to stress and cortisol.
  • THYROID: Go grain free: Activate your thyroid hormone in a powerful new way and reset insulin and leptin.
  • GROWTH HORMONE: Go dairy free: Reset your growth hormone, which also improves insulin.
  • TESTOSTERONE: Go toxin free: Redirect your testosterone level to normal, and support the reset of estrogen, insulin, leptin and thyroid.

Btw: Basic hormone-imbalance symptoms (persistent weight gain, fatigue, cravings - to name a few) via MindBodyGreen.