colds & flu

Weird Drink Wednesday


As much as I hate the title of this series - like sometimes it comes to mind when I'm trying to fall asleep - I keep drinking weird drinks faster than I can come up with a new name for the habit.This week's edition: Anti-cold season shot (lemon, ginger, cayenne), IMG_3817.JPGwheatgrass (not pictured), and Grape Kombucha from Brooklyn Kombucha. IMG_3818-1.JPG The anti- shot has been a regular this winter. + garlic if you can stomach it. At the first sign of a potential cold in December, I drank about 12oz of this stuff. Little painful but the burn is intentional and very effective.

Kombucha is just for fun. And probiotics. Plus I'd never tried the Brooklyn brew on tap at WF.


No Heels Tonight - They're Packed


IMG_0432.JPGCiao lovers. (“Ciao” because I’m headed to hang with the Italians, though it’ll be in London for this stint.) I left you with a couple of good juicing posts and there’re some more queued up to keep the Dlights current while I’m tending to other business. (Regarding ghost posting and a note to my employer: Most posts are queued ahead of time. I am not blogging about our microbiome on the company clock.) Be well. Don’t get sick. Read this if you feel one coming on. And, take this. xR