PODCAST: How to Heal Your Body With Plants Featuring Herbalist Rachelle Robinett


Rachelle Robinett is an herbalist, holistic health practitioner and this week’s guest on the Our Nature Podcast. After spending many years working in marketing in the fashion industry, Rachelle transitioned into her greatest passion - herbs and plant-based medicine. In this episode we talk all about Western Herbalism, the use of teas, tinctures and decoctions, which herbs are overrated (hello adaptogens and CBD) and which are underrated (nervines), why the millennial generation is suffering from an epidemic of chronic disease, and practical things each of us can do to feel healthier. If you’ve ever been curious about Western Herbalism, this episode is for you. If you’ve been contemplating a career transition or are hesitant to fully step into your calling, this episode is also for you. Rachelle is a bright light in the wellness space and I can’t wait for you to hear her wisdom!

“If a person is willing to make themselves a cup of tea, it’s likely they’ll get better in your care because it shows that they’re willing to set aside the time to take care of their health.”

“It’s [herbalism] a way of looking at the world where you just see the natural world as a companion, and as our foundation, as opposed to all the other ways it can be seen.”

“There’s a massive disconnect from our bodies – being able to hear them, being about to understand what we’re hearing, and having any idea what to do about that.”

“It’s challenging and liberating to experience being able to experience the world without all of our crutches, even if they are good ones, for a period of time.”