CAP Beauty Interview: Meet Our Healer: Rachelle Robinett

How did you come to find a love for wellness, healing and skin health?

Truly, I have always loved wellness, though it took some time to realize how deeply and thoroughly it’s part of me. Growing up on a farm and with parents in both western and alternative medicine. I was surrounded by ideas about and encounters with the relationship between body, mind and nature. My earliest fascination was exploring the effects of the world on our human experience. That is: how what we eat, drink, see, think, believe changes our wellbeing.

It’s a path I’ve pursued since, through spiritual studies and around the world, and mostly in holistic and plant based medicine. When others began asking me to share what I’d learned, that fascination became my career and full time practice. I realized I’d always loved it and believe I always will.

Of all the questions I get, the most common may be about my skin! I always give credit to the plants first. And then also to my mom who taught me some great face washing techniques early on.

What inspires you most about your practice?

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