Supernatural HRBLS on Live the Process | Stress Reducing HRBLS

My name is: Rachelle Robinett.

I’m known for being: an herbalist, holistic health practitioner and plant whisperer. Also, the founder of Supernatural, a company about all things plant-based wellness.

I'm sharing: HRBLS! My new herbal gummies for stress and anxiety relief. 

You can find them at: Supernatural and, also, CAP Beauty, The Alchemist's Kitchen, Regular Visitors, Boketto Wellness and Supernatural Cafe.


What makes it special is: So much! I waited years to fully realize HRBLS. They're made to meet people where they are: interested in herbs, eager to try them, but challenged by how to do so. HRBLS are herbs in food-form. They’re delicious with whole-plant ingredients (we use fresh tarragon and actual lavender flowers, for example) and potent (they’re as strong as a tincture or a medicinal-strength tea), while also being pocket-sized, portable and entirely plant-based. No artificial sugars, no weird stabilizers, no gelatin, no fake colors—you name it. These babies are made for nearly anyone, anywhere, every day or as-needed. Plants to the people!

One thing you can’t miss is: Each ingredient works on symptoms of stress and anxiety in a unique way. Skullcap, for example, binds to some of the same receptor sites in our brains as benzodiazepines. We refer to it as nature’s Xanax.

Your body will thank you because: Not only can they help mellow the madness on the spot, but regular use may help lower cortisol levels over time and help you become better able to manage stress.

This will help you be your best you this year because: All-natural, plant-based, peace in gummy form! Also, they’re a really great gift idea. But, truthfully, a better balanced nervous system—picture it!

One person in my life who especially deserves an inspiring, healthy and positive 2019 is: My fiance, Zach. Behind the scenes, he supports me in better ways than I could even think to ask for.

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