4 Plant-Based Ingredients with Skincare Benefits - Rachelle for Well+Good

You never go anywhere without a jar of coconut oil, and the most committed relationship you’re in is with your paraben-free moisturizer. But even if you’ve got the basics of your natural beauty routine down, certain ingredients can take your skin from status quo to next-level.

But in the world of plant-based skin-care, the options are seemingly endless. So how do you know which ones are right for you—especially when your skin’s needs can change from day to day and season to season?

Herbalist Rachelle Robinett says you can employ the powers of some lesser known plant all-stars to target your skin’s issues—and says it’s worth doing your research.

“Plant-based skincare is one of the purest ways to treat our skin,” she says. “By using simple, natural ingredients, we’re trusting nature’s wisdom and ability to help us be healthy—rather than interfering with it by isolating compounds or processing the life out of nutrients.”

Not only do plant-focused solutions typically smell amazing, but they’re also rich in polyphenols—the substance that has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing effects.

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