Rachelle featured in Healthyish: Fall Meal Prep Tips


Riff on a grain (or grainless) bowl

"My go-to is really big vegetable-full, one-pot recipes—think buddha/hippy bowls. Mine are usually raw, but when the weather starts to cool down, roasted root vegetables are definitely included. I've developed a recipe that I recommend to my clients who are starting out with meal prep, and it's still one of my favorites because it's easy, and easy to create variations of. The gist: a giant base of dark greens (kale, collard greens, or cabbages which all hold up better than light lettuces or spinach), quinoa or buckwheat if you eat grains, tons of fresh chopped veggies, and healthy fat (avocado, olive or algae oil, coconut yogurt or tahini)." — Rachelle Robinettwellness coach and Healthyish contributor

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