RX Interview with We.RULE



Interviewed by: Justyna Kedra (justyna@weruleglobal.com)

What do you do? Tell us about your businesses and a little about you -

Erthly Dlights is a library of information, including resources, remedies (from RX Apothecary), and guidance for conscious living. RX apothecary is a line of handmade, small-batch plant-based wellness products. 

I’m an NYC-based explorer of the natural world, curating the wisdom of specialists – be they shaman or scientists – into guidance for better living based on the collective knowledge of earth. A lifelong seeker, I would describe myself as a determined direct-experiencer, mystic-meets-pragmatist and believer in the beginner's mind. When not exploring the edges of earth and consciousness, I provide marketing and communications strategies for global and local clients across industries (from fashion to finance).

Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur? Do you come from a family of entrepreneurs? Did it help or did that set you back?

I don’t really consider myself an entrepreneur! Though I suppose that’s an accurate title, as long as it’s not the only one. I’m an individual, as we all are. Empowered by grit and intuition, I’ve always been engaged in some “extracurricular” business venture. I didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs, but I was always encouraged to shirk rules, which has been immensely beneficial. Resourcefulness, and solidarity with being “different” also contribute to confidence in pursuing one’s purpose. Though, I am also (secretly) shy. So, it’s a certain sort of confidence that entrepreneurs (or any of us) need in order to be actualized. I don’t believe we’re all intended to be entrepreneurs, per se, but we are all individuals and should seek what it is that makes us happy and best, regardless of external influences.

How do you keep yourself motivated when you can’t keep going anymore?

What keeps me going when I think I can’t, are previous experiences of reward for continuing. I recall strength from all the times before that I’ve pushed myself and am inspired by knowing that doing so again will – at the very least – be a source of motivation for when I need it again in the future!

Is it important to set goals or is it better to just “go with the flow”? What is your strategy?

Both. Set goals and go with the flow. Life is flow. Life is like the ocean: there are waves, they are energy, you need to keep your eye on them, and be prepared, but regardless of how ready you are, they are more than you. Flow is also intuition, which has guided all of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. Let your gut guide you and let your brain further your potential for success. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

What does success mean to you? What does it mean to “be successful”?

Ideally, unfortunately, I believe success is both achievable and transient. I believe in living in a perpetual state of gratitude – deep, sincere thankfulness for what we have even if it is pain or failure – as well as a persistent pursuit of more. That “more” being experience – again positive or negative – because experience is knowledge, which is growth, which is motion, which is life. I find success immensely gratifying. Also so is letting go of it – and moving on. Fully achieved success is always in motion. Unless you’ve reached enlightenment. In which case, take me please. ☺

What is one (or more) piece of advice you can offer our readers and other entrepreneurs? 

  1. Grit: Work, period. We are capable of times and times more than we think we are. Push yourself. Push yourself further. The farther you go, the broader your boundaries. Call it karma or common sense, the more you put in, the more you’ll get back.
  2. Intuition: Clarify yourself to a point of being able to hear (see, or sense) what it is you truly want, need, and also what is in sync with the world ahead. If you hit a wall, try climbing, digging, looking for a hidden door, and then take the hint and reroute.