Interview: Elle-Ditta Sciarrone, Owner, Mind/Matter Holistic Homes and Holistic Living

Elle-Ditta Sciarrone, Owner, Mind/Matter Holistic Homes Brooklyn NYC


Name: Elle-Ditta Sciarrone

Profession: Business Owner, Mind/Matter Holistic Homes and Holistic Living Inc.

What does that mean, exactly? Maintaining my energy to offer my personal best as a Holistic Guide for my community.

What are you passionate about? Life.

Why? It’s all we got!

Do you have a mantra? Embrace the transitions in your life - they will happen regardless.

What is your favorite health routine, recipe, approach or go-to? Being aware of the ebb and flow of my body and the moon. Knowing when I need to sleep a lot more without feeling guilty about it. Knowing when I need a good hug, not being ashamed to ask for it.

"What one or few thing(s) have most improved your quality of life? Releasing my fear of failure."

What matters most to you these days? Expressing genuine kindness to the people who come into my store!

What have you learned recently that you’d like to apply to your life? How to genuinely live day by day - art of present thinking.

"What do you know that you wish more people did as well? There is nothing to fear, even death - it's just death. People have been dying for as long as we’ve been living."

What do you wish you knew more about? Agriculture.