"Coffee" Coming to a Cafe Near You

You know my love of Bulletproof coffee, which I'm still into. Making it long-lived enough to be a lifestyle at this point and no longer a trend I'm just testing. (Others including raw veganism, intermittent fasting, yoga, and ... sleep?)

However for the last two summers, I've quit drinking coffee in preparation for my retreats. (Honduras, Ecuador, and this year to be Peru.) It's been painful, and a reminder of the grip even a single cup of caffeine a day can have on our bodies and brains. (The more recent time I quit, I stayed away from coffee for months afterward, preferring to ride the freedom rather than dive back into the bliss that is a dark, hot cup of stimulating antioxidant goodness every single morning. In contrast, the previous summer, I had an espresso in-hand by the time I hit the Colombian airport on the way home.)

I've been watching a couple of coffee-related trends for a year+ now, and it's time to share. Because, that's what we do, they're coming to a cafe near you, they're good-for-you coffee alternatives, and of course, I will have to test each of them - continuing our pursuit of the best in health and wellness habits.

1. Dandelion "coffee" - a powerfully detoxifying root.

dandelion coffee

2. Chaga "coffee" - mushrooms are great for everything and this brand continues to lead with accessible, tasty-enough products.

chaga coffee

3. Coffee tea - tea made from the leaves of the coffee plant

coffee tea leaves

4. Turmeric lattes (not very different from the golden milk I've written about)

turmeric latte

Imagine the new possibilities ...

bulletproof chaga coffee