Intermittent Fasting 102: The 5:2 Diet - a podcast from NPR

Recommending this: the podcast and the approach.

"What if the payoff for a 16-hour fast — which might involve skipping dinner, save a bowl of broth — is a boost in energy and a decreased appetite?"

The "5:2 diet" is a new marketing of intermittent fasting, with a slightly different structure. I've been practicing fasting for some time albeit not this specific timeline. Fasting becomes quite comfortable after enough experience with it and I make sure to return to it every couple of days, at minimum. The physical benefits are significant, as are the psychological. Understanding, at least, your personal relationship with food is pretty damn fundamental to wellbeing and conscious living.

"The diet calls for two days per week of minifasting where the aim is to go a long stretch, say 14 to 18 hours, without eating. During these two fasting days, you also eat only about 600 calories, give or take."

"The fascination is what researchers say may be the broader benefits. Scientists are looking into how fasting may help control blood sugar, improve memory and energy and perhaps boost immunity."

Listen to the podcast here.

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