Review: Dark Days Chocolate Moon Patties

It's my pleasure to review of a really lovely new product that made it over to ErthlyDlights from the West Coast so we could sample and spread the word. Let's this be that! And that it be known I love the line and recommend it absolutely for any fellow chocolate appreciators.

Dark Days Chocolate Moon Patties: "Dark chocolate treats created with gentle herbs and nourishing ingredients designed to honor our bodies and Earth"

Check out these flavors - Date and Bourbon, Lemon (which I was hesitant about, but it definitely works) and Peppermint. 

Beautiful dark chocolate, very little sugar, which then is unrefined, and my favorite part: herb infused coconut. That there is creative and, just awesome.  Real ingredients, check:I store them in the freezer and had to try really hard not to eat the lot in the first few days so I had something to photograph, and like share.

Great packaging, and they come with a monthly moon calendar. 🌚💙

Find, buy, and if you know any local shops or restaurants that should stock DD, send Wren an email!