Interview: Meredith McMahon, Yoga Teacher, Empathic Healer, Medium


Name:Meredith McMahon

Profession: Yoga teacher, empathic healer, medium, general twitchy woo woo energy feeler and dealer in life.

What does that mean exactly: Generally I teach beginner yoga classes and private sessions which also include meditation if the student/s are comfortable with it, not everyone is at first. I can teach advanced students but I like to help lay a solid foundation in their practice. Empathic healing can be a separate thing if need be as well. Essentially I feel out what is going on in the person, body, mind etc. on the surface and deep deep deep down. What we work on that day really depends on what I see and feel. It's about what is for the person's highest good, not necessarily mine. With that information I try to energetically mend it and I try to teach them a meditation, or something along those lines, to do on their own if they feel overwhelmed, overcome etc. with what it was we were trying to heal. As far as medium work goes, sometimes that gets integrated with the empathic healing work and sometimes it's just medium work. What it means is that I can sense/see, talk to, communicate with spirits of those that passed or will soon, in some cases.

Passion: Life. My passion is to just live and to do it in a way that when people think about me they knew that I cared more about living than I did about sitting in a cubicle in order to pay my bills. I want to show people love. I always thought that through that, the healing they need would come. Life should be lived and not wasted on a job you hate or a relationship that no longer fulfills you. When you love you, you're happier, you make better choices, you spread it to those around you, your life just improves, and it feels effortless and easy. That's what true love is anyway. Making the choice isn't always easy... It's not always easy to step on my yoga mat, or to love someone instead of giving into my urge to tell them to fuck right off but, stepping onto my yoga mat has yet to be a bad choice and not make me feel good and choosing to act with love instead of negativity has never backfired. Don't get me wrong, I'm fiery, I bite back, I get mad and don't always make the loving choice but, I always try to.

Why? No idea. Can we ever really explain why we are passionate about something? I think it's just hard-wired in me to be passionate about it. I don't think you get to choose your passion, it's just there burning in you to do it. As it goes with love of any kind. You don't get to choose. You don't really get to choose what you love, who you love and why. It just is. That's what you love, who you love, and burn and breathe for. It just happens and your life is never the same and if you're smart you pursue it and don't look back.

Do you have a mantra? "Just keep breathing." Breathing takes me through awesome yoga sessions and hard ones, good days and moments and bad. It's how we keep living. Some days it's the most I accomplish and that's ok.

Favorite health approach: Fresh green juice, ginger, lemon, cinnamon tea, yoga, a hard workout... Good hugs. It sounds cheesy I realize but there isn't anything more comforting sometimes than a really good hug from someone you know loves you.

What one or few things have improved your quality of life most? My horse, my dog, my tribe of people, my yoga practice.

What matters most to you these days? That what I am doing, who I am around and giving my time and energy to creates happiness in me, and them if it's a person. If it doesn't, I let it go. I've felt stuck before and I refuse to ever stay where I feel stuck again. Life is just too short to sacrifice happiness to feel stuck and helpless.

What have you learned recently that you'd like to apply to your life? I went to a yoga workshop this summer, it was Kathryn Budig and she made the statement that every choice we make either comes from a place of love or a place of fear. That statement changed how I looked at everything.  The things and the people I choose now are choices of love. Fear just controls too much anymore for so many, it makes me sad, if you dread going home or to work, change where and what and who those things are.  I started choosing love more... It makes all the difference.

What do you know that you wish more people knew as well? Well, we are all broken and I think people forget that. With that though I wish more people would realize that people who love you who really love you don't use your brokenness as a weapon against you. Those that really love you would only see your brokenness as a place to put their love and light into. Love isn't pointing fingers and dragging someone else through the muck, it's simply being there for each other, open and honest and encouraging.

What do you wish you knew more about? Everything haha :). Human anatomy and herbology both of which I'm currently studying!

Who should we profile next and what should we ask them? Travis Taylor, He's a plethora of knowledge and wisdom. He was and in more ways than I can count still is my mentor and beautiful friend. He's a reiki master and empathic healer and all-around amazing being.


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