LA's Getting a Bulletproof Coffee Cafe

You heard it here first - that bizarre butter-in-coffee thing. And a thing it definitely is now.

Last weekend, here in NYC, I actually searched maps for a cafe that served Bulletproof coffee. Assuming that the eccentricity serving epicenter we are would be all over it by now. No dice. But, we can't be far behind LA, which is getting theirs.

Aside from the coffee, the concept is pretty perfect (progressive):

"Besides the coffee, food and supplements, Asprey’s building some innovative “bio-hacking technology” into the shop that will be great for your overall health. He’s installing lighting compatible with your circadian rhythms, a Whole Body Vibration platform for muscle and bone stimulation, and there’s a small seating area where the furniture and flooring will be “connected to the earth.”

It’s an approach called “Earthing” that Asprey’s into because “studies show that when people don’t have the opportunity to connect to the earth they drop a static charge and it increases inflammation,” he says. “I want people to think, ‘I felt different when I was there,’” says Asprey, who resides in Vancouver Island, in Canada. “There is no limit to what we will do to make people perform better. This is a place to upgrade yourself.”

{Well&Good for the full piece}

Otherwise, a year and a half later, I am still making BP coffee on a daily basis. My personal preference is a much lighter version (cleverly named, Bulletproof Coffee Light). The next mission is a version I can store at the office to add to my second cup of the day. Oh, I'm not currently caffeine-free. But we'll go through that withdrawal again eventually. Makes for good TV.