DIY Juice Cleanse | How-to, Recipes & Highlights From My Six Days  

For some reason, I have never done a juice cleanse. Or “juice fast”, diet, whatever you want to call it. Just juice, for at least a few unbroken days, at least. I do tend to fast for a lot of the weekends – juicing only or eating really clean and raw, but again, never the regime that’s for sale from every other corner shop these days.

So, inspired by my coworker’s delivery of the day’s juice arrived last week, I decided to do my own. Easy enough, right? I have a juicer, know my way around the produce department, and most of the juice spots post their cleanse menus online.

Here it is, then: Their recipes, my recipes, and the play-by-play, which decreased in frequency as the days passed and it got easier. At the time of writing, I’m on Day 6.

DIY Juice Cleanse – How-to:

  1. Pick your menu.
    1. I opted to follow Juice Press’s 6-Juices per Day “Alternate Cleanse”.
    2. Buy your produce. About as easy as it sounds. And cheap. Say $20-30 bucks versus the $200+ that a couple-day cleanse costs.
      • The first night, I didn’t even shop. I just used what I had in the fridge.
    3. Juice. (*And, blend.)
      • I recommend doing this each night for the day ahead. You could do it all at once for a couple-day cleanse, but it’s ideal to drink the juices as soon after juicing as possible. And I didn’t find it a huge undertaking. Just put vegetables in piles respective to which juices they’d make.
      • For the nut/coconut milks, you’ll need a good blender. Worst case, you could buy (GOOD QUALITY) milks, to supplement your juice. “GOOD QUALITY” means read the ingredients. There’s so much weird shit in almond/soy/rice/coconut milk these days; the ingredients should be nuts, and water. That’s it.
    4. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
      • First day or two is the toughest, and then it clicks and your body celebrates being cleeeeeaned out. You give you belly a break from digesting, your liver a rest from gross/weird/otherwise foods (or alcohol) and mentally, you re-establish who’s in charge. (You are.) {Read more about
    5. Notes:
      • If you're planning to DIY, I suggest being familiar with blood sugar, fasting, food combining and some dietary basics as well as your body's boundaries. OR, just follow the pro's recipes. (That'll still save you hundreds of $.)
      • It’s not about starving yourself, though you will need to appreciate some hunger.
      • The basic structure of all of these cleanses is: lots of greens; a serving of fruits; maybe a serving of protein; and one serving of healthy fats (at night, and not mixed with fruits or protein). There are reasons for this structure (e.g. fat digest slowest and so make sense for evenings when you don’t need immediate energy, and will be going without food for a long time). Follow the structure.
      • With Intermittent Fasting, this diet is very, very effective for losing weight.
      • Exercise is optional. I exercised, per usual, hard. A personal test of sorts – liking to see what I’m made of. And loving the results.
      • Have fun. Do it because you love yourself and you want to show yourself a good time.
      • x

The Play-by-Play or, a semi-neurotic "My First Juice Fast" diary



  • 7-8am: Coffee + 1 tbsp MCT oil. Feel fine. This is normal.
  • 11am: Juice 1 (14oz) tasted awesome. Drank it pretty damn fast though.
  • 11:20am: Also think I’m getting a headache. Probably gonna do more coffee.
  • 11:48am: Okay maybe I’m okay.
  • 12:20: Just cracked open #2. Feeling aight.
  • 1:30: Hungry but feel good. Fiery creative meeting was a good distraction.
  • 3:50: Pretty hungry but happy to dive into the more substantial juice. Pop open #4 and realize I skipped #3. Oops … I guess I’ll switch them and hope I don’t regret not having waited it out.
  • 4:40: Stomach hurts. Probably because there’s something in it.
    • (Didn’t have the second one earlier. Headache never happened earlier either so that’s good.)
  • 4:45: Thinking, this is way easier than I thought it would be. Maybe it's because the sun is going down already and that makes it feel like the day’s over.
  • 6pm: Juice #4, still have two to go so trying to get through this one semi-quickly actually. Not hungry. Feel good. Going to the gym tonight and then to restock the produce drawer.
  • 820pm: Leaving the gym - got dizzy but pushed through. Really cold walk home but this last juice is hearty. Feel great.
    • Produce re-upped. Looking forward to Day 2.
    • Though, briefly considered buying the blue cheese salad dressing to add to one of my green smoothies. Creative (disgusting).
    • Also, note: December is not the ideal time to juice cleanse.



  • Not as hungry as I thought I’d wake up.
  • 10:15: Juice #1. Getting started so I can get through all of them today. The apple in this one makes the greens delicious. I didn’t have much fruit yesterday (nearly none) but today’s juices have quite a bit.
  • 11:00: Ate some almonds.
  • 1145: Stomach is killing me. Either it was that juice or paybacks for cheating. Ow.
  • 1215: More almonds. And a digestive enzyme and some warm water. Stomach still hurts. Can’t get to my next juice because of a meeting.
  • 1245: Going for yesterday’s skipped juice. Tastes … like a lot of algae. A lot.
  • 1:09: Last few almonds. Not gonna cheat any more today. Still working on this Lawn Grass.
  • 3:15: Thought I was going lose the Lawn juice. Went way heavy on the algae and, phew. Feel better now that it’s mostly digested. Looking forward to #3 which is light. Orange, lemon, carrot.
  • Evening: Only made it through three and a half juices today. That green one was too serious. Felt fairly nauseous for the rest of the night. Misplaced (as in lost) my #6, which I was looking forward to for dinner. Baked some cauliflower instead and called it a day.


  • Stuck to it. Only three juices today, plus a carrot-ginger soup from Whole Foods for dinner. Feels great. Not much else to note.


  • So, I drank one big green juice today and that was it. Then I had my squash, pear soup for dinner. Talk about level blood sugar (I was barely hungry). And the day was not sedentary. I ran errands, had an intense workout, etc. It is worth noting that I eat a lot less on the weekends - I’m not sure what it is - more sleep, less stress (it’s surely not less activity as I’m more active than on weekdays) but I require less food, for whatever reason.
  • Re-stocked the produce and planning to continue though next week. 


  • Didn’t even journal because it was nbd. Did have to push myself through the recently-doubled gym-time, but it was more mental than physical.


  • Woke up and saw the payoff immediately. Made a couple of extra juices today to ensure we’re well-“fed”.
  • Don’t intend to stop until I feel fully rebalanced. You know when that is for you. Or, you will learn.



NYC Juice Cleanse Menus:

Juice Press’s 6-Day Alternate Cleanse

  1. Red apple, pineapple, kale, lemon, ginger
  2. Green apple, kale, spinach, lemon
  3. Grapefruit, orange, lemon
  4. Coconut water, banana, straw, rawp, blue berries, agave, hemp protein, coconut oil
  5. Cucumber celery, aloe, lemon, kale, algae
  6. Coconut meat, coconut water

Rachelle's Recipes: (Day 1 - it changes daily but follows the same basic structure noted above)

  1. Beets, collard greens, lime, ginger
  2. Collard greens, carrots, cilantro, cucumber, cayenne, sea salt
  3. Kombucha, lemon, ginger, turmeric, aloe
  4. 1 banana, 2T coconut, 1T raw cacao, 1 date, 1T MCT oil, orange peel, 1T currants
  5. Broccoli, turmeric, cucubmer, 1T algae (which was, way too much), 1tsp moringa powder
  6. 1/4C coconut, 1/4C pecans, water, cinnamon, vanilla

BluePrint’s “Excavation” Cleanse (greens and nut milks only)

  1. Green: Romaine, apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, parsley, ginger, lemon
  2. Spicy Lemonade: lemon, agave, cayenne, peppers (habanero, jalapeno, peppers)
  3. Cashew Milk: cashew, agave, cinnamon, vanilla (extract & specks)

Love Grace Foods: (all 16 oz except Ginger Bomb)

  1. Purify (16 oz): Coconut water, celery, chard, spinach, cucumber.
  2. Ginger Bomb: Orange, ginger, lemon, oregano extract, sea salt.
  3. Super Cider: Apple, carrot, ginger lemon.
    1. OR: Longevity Tonic: Lemon, shilajit, cayenne, agave, sea salt.
  4. Green Sunshine: chard, kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon.
  5. Green Protein: banana, flax seed, kale, dates, spirulina, hempseed, chia seed, coconut oil, lemon, sea salt, wheatgrass powder.
    1. OR: Chocolate Superfood: Banana, goji berry, cacao, maca, vanilla bean, dates, coconut oil, flax seed, sea salt.
    2. OR: Probiotic: Banana, flax seed, almond, lemon, dates, probiotics, sea salt, coconut oil
  6. Restore: carrot, beet, celery, cucumber, parsley, spinach, lemon, orange

Organic Avenue’s “Love Deep”:

  1. Dragon’s Breath Shot:
    1. Orange Juice
    2. OR Sweet Greens
  2. Sweet Greens
    1. OR Green Love
  3. Ginger Lemonade
    1. OR Green Love
  4. Green Love
    1. OR Medicinal Green
  5. Sweet Greens
    1. OR Green Love
  6. Coconut Mylk
    1. OR Sweet Greens