Weird Drink Wednesday: Turmeric Golden Milk


IMG_1339.JPGLook guys! It's the golden milk I made from scratch last yeah now in bottled and quadruple the cost form! I kid but only kind of. I did make it a yeah ago. When I was first discovering turmeric, and in the case of golden milk, its benefits for sweet sleep. Today's edition is from our favorite Turmeric Alive, via Whole Foods, and won its way into my body for its high fat content + minimal sugar, which is perfect for a post yoga refuel when it's late at night and we don't need carbs or protein. (I actually never pursue protein but that's a story for another day.) At 310 calories, it's a meal, so I drank half and saved the rest for the next PWO need. IMG_1340.JPG Sleep-inducing turmeric also a bonus for getting down quickly after the practice. Nammmmaste. IMG_1341.JPG