Interview: Lisa Levine, Acupuncturist, Founder & Director of Maha Rose Center for Healing


Name: Lisa Levine

Profession: Acupuncturist, Founder & Director of Maha Rose Center for Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, Jewelry Designer

What does that mean, exactly? ha ha..I have my hands in many pots, but they all feed each other. Or are all making a beautiful stew together.

Passion: The light, service, raising my vibration and helping others to do the same.

Why? It feels so good.

Do you have a mantra? Yes, but it’s a secret one from my teacher.

Favorite health routine/recipe/trick/approach/go-to: Salt water baths, long walks, breathing it out, receiving healing sessions myself.

What one or few thing(s) have improved your quality of life most recently? My fiancé and the daily love and support that he brings into my life.

What matters most to you these days? Receiving, being present and clear.

What have you learned recently that youd like to apply to your life? To face the awkward and the uncomfortable, quickly and with grace. Not avoiding anything.

What do you know that wish more people did as well? The importance of doing the work- the inner work and how much grace that brings.

Resources, if applicable: - <3 <3 <3

What do you wish you knew more about? Western and Eastern medicine- these will be my studies for life.

Who should we profile next and what should we ask them? Ava Gerber- and how she got so good?

thank you !!!