Recipe: Cure All Collard & Quinoa Salad

20140727-130153-46913163.jpgI made this salad recently when I was craving everything other than salad (e.g. a salty breakfast, plus dessert, substance (meat), not vegetables) and it did the trick. Substantial and satisfying, without regret. Salty sweet and also healthy. A mix of carbs, healthy fats and lots of flavor. Lots to chew (chewing releases serotonin.) And easy to make. High road maintained.

Ingredients: Shallot Red onion Garlic Collard greens Cilantro Quinoa Apple Feta cheese (cheat!) 20140727-130153-46913474.jpg Recipe: Prepare quinoa (I use a rice cooker which is fail proof and requires zero attention) Meanwhile, sauté shallot, garlic and onion in butter (grass fed, organic). Chop: Cilantro, collards, apple and anything else you want to include. Add collard-mix to the sauté for just a minute to warm and soften without cooking them. Transfer to bowl. Top with quinoa. Toss with lemon, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sea salt - optional mustard. Also great with green peas and avocado, which was (my lunch today). 20140727-130152-46912864.jpg