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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” - Albert Einstein

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  • Herbworks’ Inner Peace supplement: I was so inspired by Roger Drummer (podcast above) that I decided to try his supplement. A half dose (three capsules) at night has given me some of the deepest and most dream-filled sleep of my life. This is a potent mix!
  • Susun Weed: I’m having so much fun listening to her. She’s not agreeable to everyone, but her tough love comes from a life of work with plants that continues today.
  • Recently finished reading The Quantum Doctor, by Amit Goswami. Because sometimes I grasp. I liked the idea but overall it was too speculative for me. And so I'm rebounding with some classicCarlos Castanada, heh.
  • A fiery piece from Hippocrates Health Institute, which I respect for being unwavering in extremeness: Raw Veganism: The Most “Extreme” Diet?

"Clearly, vitality comes from eating vegetables, preferably in their raw state. I don’t care if man has lived for the last 5,000 years on a diet of hamburgers and pizza; it simply is not the healthiest way to live."
Hippocrates Health Institute, which happens to have a nice-cream recipe tho.

From Supernatural

  • March 18th: All About Adaptogens Lunch & Learn at Supernatural: If you’re not able to attend, consider watching via livestream. (Details on event page.)
  • March 29th: Recovering the Creative Process: Moderated by Rachelle Robinett, founder of Supernatural, and featuring Mallory Lance, founder, editor-in-chief and creative director of Ravenous Zine.
  • On the menu at Supernatural: Always something new, but one of my favorites right now is a Plant Love chlorophyll shot - with part of each purchase being donated to the Amazon Conservation Team, an organization I learned about after seeing its founder Mark Plotkin speak in NYC. Here’s his TED talk: What people of the Amazon know that you don’t.

NEW: From You! Q&A Date


"I’d love to hear more about immunity and daily vs. seasonal detox regimens. I love NY but I’m taking a break from it’s toxicity. I’d love to know how to get my immune system stronger! 💚"- @ham_slamwich

Rachelle: Ham Slamwich has a good approach by taking a break from toxicity for a while. Our bodies are alway processing toxins, and all of our lives involve toxicity, albeit in different quantities and kinds depending on where and how we live. Overall, it’s important for us to be mindful of those facts - that pollution intake is inevitable, and that our bodies are working against it. I’d suggest minimizing chemicals from food and water (eat organic and filter water), home/body products (use natural cleaners and skin-care you could eat - because your skin does that), and environment (use air filters for example; or find a park).
As for inside-out support, do consider the liver but know that other organs are involved in detoxification too. Our skin is our largest detoxification organ (shout out to dry brushing) and others include the kidneys, lungs and intestinal tract. Daily good deeds go a long way. Sometimes a juice cleanse is a great idea. Sometimes (usually always) eating more greens is ideal. Sometimes Dry January should include February and March too. Sometimes moving to a new place is best. Sometimes, some dandelion root will do the trick. Or nettle, burdock root, milk thistle, some wheatgrass, and more fiber (surprise!). As for immunity, I’ll save that one for a future Q&A. @ham_slamwich, thanks for being my first!

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Next month, I'll have stories from Lake Atitlán, which is where I'll be recovering from winter, soon.