RX Newsletter 017: Curing anxiety. And, free stuff.

People are Talking About

  • If I weren’t sending this newsletter from a snowstorm, without power, I’d be more tempted to try this routine. Maybe come summer: The Benefits of Getting an Icy Start to the Day
  • Pinole is the new quinoa.
  • A nice lineup of ayurvedic herbs to make more regular.
  • The only wedding idea I may ever include in this newsletter.
  • A new book, Ingredient, had me excited – I care a lot about food as ingredients in the meal of life – but it turns out this one is more chemical and chef-targeted than for the general food consumer. Which is actually fine by me as it leaves room for my book. Just to put that out there.
  • Bon Appetite launched a new read that I am totally fanning: Healthy-ish.
  • This newsletter is late because I was distracted by politics. Here's some perspective, and writing advice, from George Orwell: Politics and the English Language.

I’m Investigating

The past month+’s mission has been to cure anxiety. Really. This subject is a life-long study for me, and an issue for so many others. Some of where I’ve been lately:

  • The ketogenic diet. I'm testing it again, and being strict. Note: it is not easy. And I do not recommend following the internet’s version of it (lots of meat). A plant-based (vegan, raw if you can) approach is powerful. If you’d like to try it with me, feel free to reach out.
  • The article I’ve shared most with my clients this month: Probiotics Over Prozac: Ketogenic Eating for the Best Brain
  • The Chemistry of Calm is a good look at specific neurotransmitters’ roles in fear circuitry, plus nutritional support for each.
  • From the message board rabbit holes, check out this fellow’s supplement “stack”: Valium Without the Valium.
  • This quiz can help assess which type of anxious you are - an important distinction too rarely considered.
  • The next step in all of this is amino acids, which are the precursors to neurotransmitters and ideally something we're eating enough of to support a natural homeostasis, rather than a supplemented one.

RX Events

  • Online, offline, February and March – there are a lot of RX events on the books. Join, share, both, neither.
  • I’m also continuing to work with private clients. If you’d like a session, or know someone who would, referrals are rewarded.
  • Reminder: I’ve started working with Causely, which makes a donation to a good cause every time people check-in at RX. Do it from FB or IG, absolutely any time. Seriously, every day if you want.

Misc: Friends and the free stuff

RX exists because of you. If it weren't for the peeps, I'd just be over here talking to plants. So, it's with particular pleasure that I get to share friends with friends. Some of those:

  • ADAY: Simplifying wardrobes with functional, versatile fashion in the name of less stuff and more space for things that really matter. Use our code 'MostlyPlants' for $10 off and free shipping. (Thank you, Meg!)
  • Sweetgreen: The only place I’ll break my brown-bag rule to buy lunch, SG is an awesome supporter of all things RX. Use my code to get a $15 credit. Definitely feel free to share that with friends.
  • Conscious City Guide: Now our exclusive partner for RX event info. Subscribe to the Conscious City Guide for a weekly curated guide of conscious events across the globe.
  • This ‘letter’s photos by Ethan Covey.