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“The business of agriculture … has been increasingly promoting quality over quantity when it comes to producing our food … What we get is a deteriorating level of nutritional value to point where an apple today has one third of the nutritional value of an apple 50 years ago. This type of ‘nutritional inflation’ is not only giving us less nutrients, but it’s forcing us to eat more and become fatter.”

I’m Investigating

  • Calories versus nutrient density: Not all calories are equal. Which is a huge part of the obese but malnourished state of unhealth created by the Standard American Diet. Call it “nutritional inflation” as Michael Pollan does in In Defense of Food. (This is a clear overview of the idea.)
  • And so, the importance of organic food and, even better, local and wild food. This website is lots of fun: Eat Wild. See some pretty far-out veggie tips - like tearing your romaine a day in advance to quadruple its antioxidant content (hmm) - and find a local farm for your meat/eggs/dairy, if you’re not vegan, obv.
  • Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.: It’s not everyday you hear about ketosis and enlightenment in the same breath, but that’s my jam! I read Alberto's newest book last week, finished an awesome webinar series with him last night, will see him speak soon, and am testing some of his nutritional recommendations (like supplementing with glutathione and extending my intermittent fasting to ensure 18 hours away from sugar).
  • Here he is on Bulletproof Radio.

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“The most important aim of all physical science is this: to recognize unity in diversity, to comprehend all the single aspects as revealed by the discoveries of the last epochs, to judge single phenomena separately without surrendering their bulk, and to grasp Nature’s essence under the cover of outer appearances.”
— Alexander Von Humboldt, Kosmos