RX Newsletter: 011 - On us as a whole.

This newsletter feels more earnest than the others. I've been quite moved by the topics and people herein. I hope you'll find the time to make it through yourself. If anything sparks inspiration or further-reading recommendations, please always feel free to send along to me. Thanks for reading - and I'm looking forward to where our collective goodness will go next.

People are Talking About

A Better Kind of Happiness. This could be the only story I share. Because of the idea that living out of harmony with, or unsupportive of the betterment of the collective, by not doing one's own dharma - call that what you want - is unhealthy. Serving the good makes us more likely to live longer.


This made its internet rounds a while ago, but it's worth a(nother) read. The World in a State of Extreme Transition.

An excerpt from writer Daniel Pinchbeck's upcoming book. I've been a fan of his work, and obviously his company, for some time. We've finally met so, more to come.

I’m Investigating

Recently finished reading Ishmael, recommended by my yogi therapist. read it. It's quick, but will change the way you see the world.

ow, working my way through the Yoga Sutras. Slowly enough to live one at a time. Here’s a podcast that’s a nice supplement to the studying. And a simple episode about yogic living.

RX News

July 19th: Save the date for the next Full Moon Gathering at The Alchemist’s Kitchen. We'll be hosting InCausaSah D’SimoneZach Seely, and others, to be announced. <3


I feel late to the game here but just started using Momentum. Finding it a great way to study the yoga sutras (above).

rom our dear Alan Watts: Man and Nature.

nd, don’t forget to just not sometimes: Your Brain on Silence and Think Less Think Better.