RX Newsletter: 009 - Mixed reality, more on running, and how to change your life

People are Talking About

Your Office’s Microbiome
This Brain Dictionary (can be v slow to load, in which case watch this)
Mixed Reality from "the world's most secretive startup".

I’m Investigating

(Running and meditation across the board. If you're not a runner, sub any kind of sweat-breaking exercise.)

*Dr. Jacob Lieberman's talk on "sight". Stop Looking, Start Seeing. I cannot wait to ~see him this week.

RX News

Last month’s event was the best crowd yet. See? Save the date for the next: 5/21.

I’m officially teaching classes, offering my services at events, and one-on-one. If you or someone you know needs some RXing, I reward referrals. :)

Events (new section!)

Many of you have asked what weird stuff I’m attending next, and if you can join. The answers are below, and yes.


Collective Evolution’s founder on How to Change Your Life.
This new magical poetry spell-writing app.
Pea-milk that's okay for the planet.
he recorded voice of Virginia Woolf. On the nature, or failure, of words.