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  • RX taught an Herbalism 101 class at CalliopeIt was pretty, pretty fun.
  • nd renewed my appreciation for Damiana, which I’ve been drinking nightly since.
  • I was interviewed by We.Rule.
  • Coconut Pulling Oil is still the best selling RX product. If you haven’t tried it yet, the taste-size oils are free shipping this week. (Code “FREEDOM” at checkout).
  • Our next Full Moon party at The Alchemist’s Kitchen is Thursday 4/21 from 7-1030pm. RSVP here!


Instinct is anything but a blind and indefinite impulse, since it proves to be attuned and adapted to a definite external situation. This latter circumstance gives it its specific and irreducible form. Just as instinct is original and hereditary, so too, its form is age-old, that is to say, archetypal. It is even older and more conservative than the body's form.
- Carl Jung, The Undiscovered Self