RX Newsletter 015: Everything green.

People are Talking About

  • “… we’re beginning to see a new era of food, and with it, radical transparency around understanding where our food comes from and how it’s made … something most people currently don’t know (or don’t want to know). From making to marketing, what will it take to turn the world’s oldest food production tradition into an entirely new one? Could a personalized, local 'meat brewery' be the future of food?” Old Food, Clean Tech - an A16z podcast.
  • Food Industry Goes Beyond Looks to Fight Waste
  • A Reading List for America, from New York Public Library

I’m Investigating

RX Events

  • December Events are wrapping up early so I can head to the hills of Colombia.
  • January though, is filling up with Herbalism and Plant-Based Health classes (in NYC and online). All event details to come in a dedicated Events email.
  • Meanwhile, save the date for RX @ sweetgreen Meatpacking, January 8th. We’ll be talking about plants, food, health and how to eat better in 2017.



In closing, have a shaman song.


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