Newsletter 014: Plants and plants.

People are Talking About

Note: This week’s news is heavy on substances (some call them drugs), or plants that affect our states of being. (Did you know coffee is psychoactive?) After attending one of my favorite annual conferences (Horizons) and with some of the projects I’m currently working on, it’s a topic I’m steeped in again. It’s also something I care a lot about - namely, psychedelic therapy.

I’m Investigating

  • Nathaniel Dorsky’s films.
  • How to stop a panic attack, natural, creative approaches. I found these better than the usual “take a deep breath” advice.
  • Ashwagandha as a serotonin normalizer. Note that’s not a “boost,” it’s a normalization. Which is something I’ve personally found to be the most effective long-term cure/care for physically-rooted anxiety.

RX Events

  • This month, The Alchemist’s Kitchen opened at ABC Home. It’s a project I’ve been working on since the summer, and am very happy about. If you’re in NYC, stop by. The elixirs are 100%.
  • October Events continue, and November’s are lining up.
  • I’ve also started working with Anima Mundi. If you’re a retailer, cafe, or otherwise interested in the beautiful collection, send me a note.


“A commitment to universality does not mean thinking and loving all that is in equal measure or on equal footing. The only viable way toward the universal passes through a singularity. For me, plants are these 'singular universals,' wholes in parts and parts in wholes. In a word, de-limitations. Loving them, we love the love of all that is.” - Michael Marder, The Philosopher’s Plant