August in the Apothecary

DSC_0073 Developing new products - from exclusive fragrances for some of our retailers, to variations on old favorites (like the new Spearmint flavored Coconut Pulling Oil, which remains our #1 seller).

The online shop is well stocked with the last of Summer's spoils. Otherwise stay tuned for Fall news and dlights and the like.


From left to right: Osha root tincture, Mugwort-rose tincture, Energy tincture (darjeeling, eleuthero, rhodiola rosea); facial toner with essential oils including rose, lavender and more; Sacred Space perfume with Peruvian Agua Florida; Calming kava kava blackberry extract; and Spearmint Coconut Pulling Oil.

Heavy, light. Where we find ourselves when the wind blows. "In contemporary #art, #beauty has faded, a prosaic artifice, a distraction from deeper raw truths, maybe even ugly truths." We discuss the subtle question: Is Reality Beautiful? With Guests: Frank Wilczek Nobel Laureate, Herman Feschback Professor of #Physics at MIT, author of The Lightness of Being and A Beautiful Question: Finding #Nature’s Deep Design Glennys Farrar, Professor of Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology at NYU with interests in #darkmatter detection and cosmic ray experiments #highroad

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Today's Tarot draw: Strength

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"Under a golden sky, a woman gently pats a lion on its forehead and lower jaw. The woman gazes down at the lion with a peaceful smile on her face and appears to be successfully taming this wild beast. The fact that Strength is represented by a woman indicates that this card is not focused on pure physical strength. She has the infinity symbol above her head, the same symbol seen in the Magician. Her white robe is that of the innocent Fool, indicating a #purity of #spirit. The blue mountain in the background is the same phallic symbol seen in the #Lovers. The lion is a symbol of our animal passions and desires. The lion itself is sticking out his tongue. Animals that are preparing to bite do not stick their tongues out. This lion is happy to submit and surrender to the woman. The #woman overcomes the lion with a quiet strength that can only come from within. Her left arm represents mental effort, while the right arm represents physical effort. Her right arm is merely holding, while the left arm is exerting all the pressure. She wears a belt and crown of flowers and stands unprotected in an open green field. The crown on her head represents the fullest, most beautiful expression of nature and transient #life. The sign associated with the Strength card is #Leo."

New toy: Ionic Himalayan Salt Crystal Candle Holder Emits negative #ions, which may or may not (do) purify the air, your blood, your brain and your heart. I don't know where I find this shit. πŸ’› "Speleotherapy is a therapy that is unique to caves and mines for treating respiratory illnesses." #ionic #negative #positive #zen #salt #fire #farout #highvibe #highroad

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Snowed in? Means you've got time enough to make Medicinal Tea: Simmer #herbs, #flower, #spice or in my case #mushroom of choice for ~15 minutes. Strain and enjoy colors, flavors and healths #CelestialSeasonings can't touch. Actually, I grew up on that stuff. And if that's all you have on-hand - go for it. Just cut open a couple of bags and use what's inside. #medicinaltea #naturalmedicine #reishi #juno #playdate #health #healing #tea #howto #highroad

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