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Scenes from Sundays


Sundays have been so beautiful, I had to share. Starting the day with Rx deliveries - on the bike - and recently to a new boutique in Greenpoint - Mind Over Matter. It opened this month, taking over the old One Well location, and among the housewares and holistic health and beauty products, you'll find most of my line there.

One of the products I'll stock there is new-ish for me, which I teased a while ago (on Instagram) and have been tweaking the recipe for, but is definitely there now: Remineralizing Whitening Toothpowder. An all natural dry "toothpaste" that will actually help repair your teeth, rather than stripping them of their natural strength (minerals). It's on the shelves at m|m and in my shop.

See some Rx herbal teas (also newly available online), our Mugwort tincture and the trusty Elderberry Extract making new friends:

After a stop at Botica & Co. for a shot of their exceptional mushroom extract (including eight different varieties) it was off to errands in the city.


Not pictured: my biker's shoulders tan.

While the sun was out, I recharged my quartz. In the remaining calendula-Epsom salt mix from the batch made for products, just because it looked good:  Juiced some beautiful, brrright orange turmeric from Dual Specialty in the east village. They're consistently the best source for fresh turmeric and I don't know where they get it but this stuff was Jurassic sized.

Realized that it matched my necklace. Which was about all I was wearing. Which is another reason I love summer. Let's call this my "hut practice" look: Which wasn't dinner appropriate so we clean up, but keep the chain as there's an orange theme going at this point.

No Heels Tonight - They're Packed


IMG_0432.JPGCiao lovers. (“Ciao” because I’m headed to hang with the Italians, though it’ll be in London for this stint.) I left you with a couple of good juicing posts and there’re some more queued up to keep the Dlights current while I’m tending to other business. (Regarding ghost posting and a note to my employer: Most posts are queued ahead of time. I am not blogging about our microbiome on the company clock.) Be well. Don’t get sick. Read this if you feel one coming on. And, take this. xR

In Heels


IMG_0101.JPGI removed a lot of these posts because, I'm shy and, they can feel superficial alongside the substance I attempt to provide here. Because they are. But they're also fun, and representative of the lifestyle that I maintain outside of the kitchen/apothecary/jungle. Just like the workout selfie series, style posts are check-ins: a line in the journal or punch on the time card of this parallel, fashion-industry digital-strategy-agency hustle that is 70% of my current life. That is accurate math. And so, "In Heels" - or, today, in flats ... IMG_0099.JPG