Raw Foods for Fall, & Undoing an Indulgence Binge

After a bout of beautiful seafood binges in Europe, it's happily back to plant-based eating at home.

While winter temperatures can be challenging for a raw-food diet, incorporating a few roasted or steamed root vegetables add warmth. Lightly heated broths and soups are also great options, and spicy seed crackers can become staples.

Bon appetit.

For lunch:

Raw sprout mix: More alive, higher fiber and quite a bit more exciting than lettuce as a salad base. Broccoli, bean, lentil, pea - any/all shoots and sprouts welcome.

Persimmon: Somehow, I had never had one of these. Papaya meets heirloom tomato meets ... nectarine? Yes.

Also pictured:

Raw, sprouted pumpkin seeds: A recent discovery and one of the best buys from a favorite brand right now.

Raw sauerkraut: Always.

RX dressing: Now always in-stock at home thanks to my creative plant-loving boyfriend who puts me to shame in the kitchen.

And some avocado for good measure.


For dinner:

Green soup: As simple as blending herbs (I used parsley - a strong detoxifyer and blood purifier), greens (I chose collard greens, which are as nutrient-dense as kale and less bitter), and the usual lemon-garlic-oil trio. Heat lightly on the stove (don't boil) to ensure it remains raw (alive), and if you have any flax crackers left, toss them in as company or for photo styling purposes.


And with everything:

Baked Flax Crackers: Vegan, gluten/grain-free/paleo, low-calorie, high-fiber, low-GI, etc.

This recipe is EASY and a great base that can be customized as you like. I used a bunch of spices (cumin, garlic, black pepper and sea salt, cayenne, chili powder, onion and caraway). Next time I'll add pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and may also try a sweet version with dried berries, citrus peel, vanilla and all-spice type additions.

x R