Simple Warm Winter Soup Recipe - Nearly Raw


IMG_2163.JPGI'm still on my juice cleanse - Day Four I believe it is - and I intend to keep on it for quite a while, actually. To do that, I'm modifying to include one semi-meal a day. (Also, it's damn cold in NYC and so soup is like, necessary for survival.) Blended foods are easier to digest than whole ones. They're a bit between a juice and an actual veggie, etc. Today's soup recipe is simple and pretty, per usu. Warm, barely spicy, almost sweet, and filling but light on the system.

Warm Winter Soup Recipe: - two small yams, baked - 1 big raw carrot - 1/2 pear - 2 tbsp grass fed organic butter - sea salt, chili powder, dash of cayenne

Blend all in a Vitamix or blender friend of choice. Top with currants, caramelized onions, a drizzle of oil or whatever you're fancying. Eat slowly; digestion begins in your mouth. <3