Holistic Health Coaching

Personal wellness guidance to help you achieve any health goal.

rachelle robinett health coach

customized, one-on-one Sessions with rachelle may include:

  • nutrition counseling & custom eating plans
  • weekly recipes & meal-prep support
  • kitchen setup & grocery shopping guidance
  • fitness & bodywork programs
  • herbalism & supplement information
  • healthy sleep & habit making or breaking


Sessions in NYC are held at Supernatural, 274 Bowery, 2nd Floor.

Online sessions available for out-of-state clients.

I started working with Rachelle just before winter and I’m proud to say that I was not sick even once over winter and spring period. The advices she provided allowed me to reinforce the immune system, better master my emotions, normalize my cycle, and generally look and feel better. When I went home after having not seen my family for several months, they all noticed how radiant I looked. Rachelle was very attentive to my needs and also encouraged me to listen to my own intuition. Her magic herbs at the Supernatural were all extremely helpful and I will continue taking them going forward.
— M. in New York
Rachelle over-delivers in every way. Upon completing 8 weeks of coaching and guidance, I’m left with years’ worth of wisdom and tools. From copious delicious recipes to useful reading to natural remedies to talks on philosophy and emotional intelligence, she offers a curated experience that has left me with my own unique and personalized playbook for cooking, living, and looking forward.
— Daniel Ryan, www.danielryancrt.com
“I’ve never felt this great. No stomach aches, no bloating, no pain, no constipation. I had my period last week and was totally fine, even though it’s usually the most uncomfortable/self-conscious week ever. I’ve lost 5 pounds and feel like I’m closer to getting the type of lean muscle definition I’ve been working toward for a year and a half.”
— N., New York
Rachelle, I’m so grateful for the relationship we’ve built this year. You’ve transformed my entire approach to food and given me a whole new understanding of what it means to be alive and vibrant from the inside out. Of course I say/deliver this compliment to you as a coach, but it applies to your humanity as well … you’re the best in the biz.
— A., New York

Classes, Workshops & Special Events

Guided experiences & hands-on workshops for groups

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  • Herbal Remedy Making: Teas, Tinctures & Oils
  • Powerful Plant Remedies for Stress & Anxiety
  • Interactive Dinners: Cook, Learn & Dine
  • Urban Herbalism Basics
  • Plant-Based Nutrition 101
  • Food & Herbs for Yoga Teachers
  • Introduction to Aphrodisiacs
  • Nutrition for Runners
  • Supplements 101: What You Need to Know About Vitamins
  • Meal-Prep Workshop: Make & Take
  • see previous & upcoming events here

Available for small or large groups in public or private settings - from corporate offices to parks, or your next party. Branded partnerships and collaborations welcome.

Made my own dream satchel and essential oil in @rachellerobinett’s Herbalism101 class. Can’t say enough good things about her and so enjoyed learning how to use herbs medicinally and therapeutically. Will definitely take another class with this beautiful, radiant teacher.
— Emily Laurence, Well+Good
My boyfriend and I use your Agua Florida like every day. We are obsessed with it. It is so high vibrational and yummy! Thanks for making such a beautiful product that is bringing so much goodness to my life.
— Nicole, New York

Marketing for Wellness Conscious Companies

I spent years creating global campaigns and marketing strategies for clients in fashion, luxury, and consumer goods. Now, I do that for companies who are making the world a better place.


  • Community & Events Programming
  • Menu Development & Retail Curation
  • Partnerships & Business Development
  • Content & Communications Strategy
  • Marketing: Digital, Social Media, Email

Available for projects or ongoing consulting.

Rachelle managed our two most important clients and did so with strategic insight and creative aplomb. Ever calm under pressure, Rachelle can manage client pivots and changes in strategy easily while providing fantastic insight and direction. A pleasure to work with, strategic, great with clients, I highly recommend her to anyone looking for senior support.
— David Boxser, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, THAT