RX Snack Mix Recipe


A plant-based, non-perishable, portable, mostly raw, superfood trail mix that's also affordable.


Buy in bulk, mix together, carry everywhere, anywhere.

Serving size: 1/2 cup / day.

  • Sprouted nuts and seeds (sprouted if possible. raw at least). Options: Pecans, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds/pepitas, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts ... (not peanuts).
  • Dried/flaked (unsweetened) coconut.
  • Dried figs. I like to chop before adding to the mix and dust with cinnamon. Dried apples are a good low-sugar option, as are oat-dusted dates. Any dried fruit works as long as there is no added sugar or preservatives (which are common in dried fruit).
  • Optional:
    • Tigernuts (far left in image above). (Try these nuts, or the granola and note they are VERY high fiber, which is great for filling up when traveling or in a hurry but make sure to drink extra water.) <3
    • Living Intentions sprouted granola (this is Whole Foods' bulk, and also available packaged).
    • Goji, Golden/Gooseberries, Mulberries or other nutrient-dense dried small-fruit.
    • Banana chips (no added sugar).

This Brooklyn Chef Is Redefining Healthy Restaurant Food

This Brooklyn Chef Is Redefining Healthy Restaurant Food

Every morning at dawn, Norberto Piattoni brews himself a simmering mug of raw cacao, mushroom tinctures, ashwagandha powder, local honey, and goat milk. Though, the morning I’m visiting his Brooklyn home kitchen, he’s out of goat milk because ”it’s springtime and all the mom goats are feeding their babies,” as he explains, so we make due with water instead. Before you roll your eyes, consider that the concoction tastes like rich, earthy hot cocoa and feels like starting the day with a nourishing dessert.